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Concealed, conquered..

  • Slimline track with minimal trim for a minimalist look  
  • Perfect for commercial settings such as offices, showrooms and galleries, as well as residential spaces and architectural applications  
  • DALI dimming available  
  • Surface mounted and suspended versions available 
  • Available in length options: 1000mm, 2000mm, 3000m  
  • Compatible with our large Pacto family of low-voltage task, accent and decorative fittings
1 - 2 weeks estimated lead time

For exact turnaround, please contact us.

Product info

  • Body/Trim ColourBlack, White
  • Installation MethodRecessedRR
  • Length Options1m, 2m, 3m

About Mondolux

Mondolux is an Australian based and owned lighting brand that puts our customer experience front and centre. Our commitment is to continually improve your lighting experience through product performance, ongoing innovation, easy specification, quick turnaround and Australian compliance. Aglo Systems is the exclusive distributor for Australia.

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